Legal notice on Rotrex products

Rotrex superchargers are quality products imported from Denmark and have a factory warranty up to three years. Rotrex superchargers can be installed on all vehicles safely and without hesitation, and prove to be an extremely reliable solution after proper fitting and adjustment. Rotrex superchargers are components that improve the engine’s volumetric efficiency and this is a clear advantage. A properly engineered and well-run engine can work for many years and for the benefit of the vehicle owner/user, like many factory implementations, offering even more fuel economy compared to the performance. However, the incorrect fitting of a Rotrex and/or the use of an improved engine can lead to the destruction of the engine or of the Rotrex supercharger. Careful attention must be paid to installation and adjustment.

For tuning upgrades of up to 120Hp per liter of engine, changes to the engine or to other systems are usually not required, except fuel regulation. However, for greater increase in horsepower or, for certain vehicles, even for the above mentioned increase, it may be necessary to make more changes to engine parts and/or transmission and/or braking system and/or other car systems to secure a reliable and safe operation of the vehicle with the increased power. Our company does not undertake the installation of a Rotrex supercharger and the necessary accompanying adjustments of the engine. For this reason, you should consult in detail and assign the installation of a Rotrex supercharger to a specialist engineer who knows the vehicle and its engine well.

Also, some modifications/improvements to engines and/or vehicles require approval from state authorities to legally drive on public roads, and some modifications may be banned even for use outside public roads. You should carefully investigate if the way and the place of the vehicle usage after the tuning you intend to do, will be within the scope of the relevant laws. The responsibility for the legal use of Rotrex products belongs solely to the buyer.

Regarding where you will install Rotrex and do any other improvement on your car, we suggest that you turn to a tuning house you trust and personally select for supercharger conversions, which typically have the same knowledge requirements, be it a turbine, or a volumetric compressor, or a centrifugal compressor. Rotrex superchargers are essentialy belt driven turbines. We are not allowed to suggest a tuning house or a mechanic, therefore, you must choose one yourself.

Any experienced tuning house in turbo or supercharger conversions is typically able to implement a Rotrex installation. We recommend that you choose the one that you trust the most.

The warranty is provided by the manufacturer and is subject to special conditions. The warranty inspection and compensation is implemented through a customized, manufacturer-driven process. The warranty applies exclusively to Rotrex products and does not cover transportation costs, or shipping costs, or any other costs.

“PHILANTHROPY.GR LTD.” and its employees are not responsible for any damage or negligence or other indirect or direct connection or association with damage to persons or objects from the use of the products and components it markets and does not encourage anyone to make unlawful alterations to vehicles or to unlawful or dangerous driving in public roads and/or outside public roads. The installation of a Rotrex by non-qualified personnel can cause serious injuries and/or death. Our products are marketed provided they are used by qualified personnel and solely under their own responsibility and within legal terms. Similarly, driving a car with increased horsepower can cause serious injuries or even death to the driver, passengers or third parties. Driving a car with increased horsepower is solely the driver’s choice and responsibility, and our company does not encourage anyone to drive quickly, dangerously or illegally.

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