The Rotrex patent

The secret behind Rotrex’s high performance, unparalleled reliability, limited dimensions and low noise levels is the high-tech Rotrex rotary drive system. Rotrex compressors rely on a patented “planets” transmission system that achieves high rotational speeds. Major technologies and engineering efforts have been applied to the development of Rotrex in order to achieve the best possible performance along with the robustness of Rotrex.

Very high speeds and limited noise are just some of the advantages of Rotrex over conventional gear-based systems.

The patented Rotrex system transmits motion through friction forces to circular rotary components. The system is based on a “elastic ring” which has the appropriate pre-load to ensure the contact of the circumferentially rotating “planets” with the center shaft.

This patented “ramp” effect increases the efficiency and reliability of all moving parts as it adjusts torque transfer according to the amount of torque exerted at the input of the system.

To further increase the performance of the system, a special “adhesion” traction fluid, the Rotrex SX150, is used. This liquid is last generation and its chemical composition is based on synthetic hydrocarbon oils.

Designed specifically for use with Rotrex compressors, the SX150 instantly increases its viscosity under high pressure conditions. This enhances the transmission of the rotary motion as it ensures the ideal frictional force between all the components that rotate while cooling and protecting them.

This sophisticated transmission system coupled with state-of-the-art centrifugal compression technology, characterized by high adiabatic performance and low noise levels, give the Rotrex compressor the clear edge over other forms of supercharging.

Quality of Manufacture

Rotrex and its accessories are designed and manufactured in Denmark. All Rotrex models have a factory warranty for up to three years!

Each Rotrex product, from inception to sale, goes through an efficient and rigorous process of development and improvement following the highest quality standards. The entire process is guided by Rotrex’s dedicated staff in collaboration with customers, suppliers and partners to ensure high quality and customer satisfaction. Before the final product is placed on the market, each product passes fully-controlled exhaustive approval tests.

Drive technology within each Rotrex requires extremely expensive materials and assembly. Its construction is a highly refined process, including quality control and close tracking of the production line.

The main features of the patented transmission system are:

Reliability: Turntables with a “ramp” effect that protects against excessive strains

Low noise – no gears: rotating “planets” offer low noise and fewer vibrations

All accessories and accessories are manufactured exclusively for Rotrex superchargers to ensure high reliability and customer satisfaction. When ordering a Rotrex supercharger there is a range of pulleys of various sizes available. The standard lubrication system includes oil tank, filter, piping, connections and clamps. We recommend that you always use genuine Rotrex accessories together with the Rotrex supercharger in your car.