Shipping cost

We are happy to communicate with you, but the most common question is about the shipping cost -and it is impossible to answer. The only way to get the shipping cost is to add the desired products to the cart, and then fill in your information in the checkout. DHL API will show the cost, depending on the specific products and the shipping address. The shipping address and the billing address cannot be different, due to tax regulations.


We do not have units in stock, due to the warranty policy.

The unit must be installed on the car within 6 months from the production date, for the warranty to be valid.

Orders containing a KIT, are shipped directly from Denmark. This is our standard policy for KITs. With every customer order containing a KIT, we forward the order to the production line, and either a freshly built unit is available, or a unit is made for the customer. Most often, an order is shipped within approximately 1-4 days. Thus, the delivery time mostly depends on the production line in Denmark. At the time of this writing, UPS is being used for shipping, but DHL or another company of this quality may be used, depending on the availability for the location and the time of the order. If time is essential for the delivery of your order, contact us before ordering, and we will get back to you with a shipping date estimation provided by the production line.

Orders of accessories and pulleys only (without KIT), are shipped from Greece. All items mentioned as “in stock” are actually available to ship immediately. We use UPS and have verified next day delivery to most European countries, like we announced in this post (click here to read it).

We offer the fastest way to get a freshly built unit with its necessary components 🙂

Shipping time

We understand the importance of timely deliveries. Our efficient shipping process ensures that your order reaches you quickly and securely.

Here are a few posts that will provide relevant information:


Rotrex does not offer repairs or parts necessary for repairs. Read more on the official Rotrex website by clicking here.

If you have a failed Rotrex, even outside the warranty, you can send us the serial number to and we will inform you about the discount-for-return program. Do not forget that the official warranty is 12 or 36 months.

Which Rotrex model is suitable for my car?

On a specific car or engine you can use multiple Rotrex models, depending on your project details. The best way to go to get advice from your mechanic and, of course, use our Rotrex calculator found here.