Customs duty and tax for UK

* 15 November 2023 update on this matter: We have verified that when the Proforma Invoice includes the note “Origin of Products: Denmark” there are no customs fees, according to the ‘rules of origin’ agreement between the UK and the EU. We have now modified our Proforma Invoice to include the note “Origin of Products: Denmark”.

For the first time, in October 2023, we have been informed by a customer, that a purchase shipped to UK was held by customs. The customer had to pay custom duties and taxes. This is the first time we are aware that this has happened. Still, the total cost for the purchase, was much lower than purchasing the same kit from another seller in the UK. This “may” happen, according to extended reading of relevant information, and we are working on utilizing the rules of origin. Customs charges should not be applied to products of EU origin, due to the ‘rules of origin’ agreement between the UK and the EU. This means that orders are customs duty exempt if products have been largely produced and manufactured in the EU, which is the case for Rotrex superchargers.